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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Blackpool Conference


In February this  year we went to the  annual conference held in Blackpool. Along with staff, 4 service users attended from Canal Street along with 2 from Canal Street Hub and also 2 from Neston.

In order to make our attendance possible Canal Street worked very hard, by holding a variety of fundraising events throughout 2014. We had to find a total of £2300, so as you can imagine credit is due to everybody for such a fantastic effort.

Here is a breakdown of how we raised our funds.

February 2014 – Bingo and raffle - £65

                                 Sale of home made toy rabbit £50

                               Valentines meal and raffle £256.23

April 2014 -           Easter Meal and raffle £101

May 2014 -            Eye Opener Cushion Sale £15

June -                      Hate Crime Event, Raffle, Car Wash £531

July -                        Bingo and Raffle £124

Sept -                       Body Shop Squares £87

October -                Body Shop Event - £302.51

November -            Bonfire Meal, Bingo, Raffle £191.43

                                  Bread Sale @Wesley Church £170

December -              Body Shop Gift Set £88

December 2014 -      Body Shop Advent Calendar £173

                                     Donation from local Councillor £600

                                     Donation from Penny Scott £100

January 2015 -           Donation from private care co £ £100


We raised a grand total of £2954.67, of which £500 was spent on food and prizes. This left us with an amazing £2454.67.

We   are all very proud of everything we have achieved in 2014. We could not have done it, without the generosity and kind help from service users, families and carers, to whom we owe a massive debt of appreciation.

A special mention to Mrs Blinston, who not only donated many raffle prizes but also held garage sales and collected prizes and vouchers for our bingo and raffle events.

Also Margaret Hutcheson who has supported us very generously at each and every event.

A massive thank you to Dawn Marks, the bodyshop rep, who donated her commission to our cause, also her daughter and friend for carrying out a nail and makeup demonstration, free of charge.

Penny Scott and Vicky Povey deserve a huge well done for their homemade cards and lovely poems. Taylor Aherne and Ann Stamford for all their help throughout the year and Carol Maxwell who has photographed our events all year long.
In addition Karen, Wendy, Julie, Jan and Penny have recently taken a cheque for £150 kindly donated by the Wesley Church, to get the ball rolling for next years conference.