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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

my olympic torch celebrations - by Kevin Booth Neil Buchanan

My olympic torch celebrations  - by Kevin Booth


My day started with a dance display at the Mulberry which I took part in. We did lots of different moves and there were lots of people who came to watch me and my friends dance. I took part in the dance with my friends Dave and Neil, I was very excite In the evening I went to the race course and saw the olympic torch arrive. There was lots of people cheering and my favourite part was the fireworks. the crowd did a mexican wave.

My olympic torch celebrations by Neil Buchanan

Jason Maguire

In the morning I went to the mulberry to take part in a dance display with my friends Kevin and Dave. It started at ten oclock. I was very excited. in the evening I went to the race course to see the olympic torch arrive. My favourite part was the bit where the man carried the torch on the horse, the flame was very big. We all waved as the flame went past. I saw the olympic colours. Afterwards I went for something to eat in Chester.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

In April, we held an Easter Egg Hunt here at canal street.

4 teams, including Quaker House were each given 8 clues to solve relating to hidden goodies around the centre.

It proved to be a big success whith everybody having a really enjoyable time, luckily the sun was shining bright too.

Everybody was a winner, and we all enjoyed our treats with a cup of tea, afterwards.